Anita Emmerich RMS SWA HSF

Anita was made a full member of the RMS in 1993. She became the ‘Keeper of the Diploma Collection’ and fully restored it in 2001, donating 10 Diploma Display cabinets to exhibit this.
Anita became a member of the SWA in 1994, the HS in 1982 and founder member HSF in 1992.  She exhibits at The Llewellyn Alexander Gallery London, and other galleries.
She has won several awards, and donated ‘The Anita Emmerich Presentation Award’, an engraved ‘RMS’ gold plated silver magnifying glass, given annually for ten years.
Anita paints historical and contemporary profile silhouettes, in oil tints on vellum, mammoth or old ivory, and will paint to commission.  She is in ‘Who’s Who in Art.’
Anita is married and has two sons and six grandchildren.
Previous Memberships.
SM.   SLm.  ASMA.(Q).(T).(NSW).  GMAS.   MASF.   WFM.  MPSGS.  ASOFA.
1993 Contemporary Art Consultant, Diocese of Rochester, Kent.