Hanna Woodring RMS MPSGS MASF

Hanna was born and raised in Minnesota, moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1960. She has a degree in German and Art Education from Louisiana State University During the 70´s, she was director and President of the Guild Gallery in Baton Rouge, La. From 1980 to 2000, she taught art in a High School for the Gifted and Talented students.
In 2000, she and her husband retired and moved to Bayreuth, Germany. Hanna decided it was the time to devote herself to her own paintings. As long as her hands were still steady and her eyes were still in good shape, this was the time to concentrate on miniatures. She became an associate member of the RMS in 2005 and a full member in 2009. She has exhibited in countless art and miniature art shows in the United States, England and Germany.
Hanna is particularly fascinated with lace because each space in the pattern is a different shape. Figuring out all of the different spaces and shapes is like solving a complex puzzle and it never fails to fascinate her when the pattern suddenly appears. She has to fall in love with an object before she feels the urge to paint it. Once the objects have been chosen and arranged, she renders them in oil. The world disappears around her while she concentrates on her miniatures. As soon as a painting radiates a certain kind of harmony, she signs it.