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Girl by a Window
Little Agnes
Michael Resta
Girl by a Window
Netsuke is essentially the art of miniature carving. Originating in China it became absorbed into the Japanese lifestyle and culture. The Japanese with their love of beauty took a utilitarian object, the toggle, and refined it. Netsuke ( nets-key ) are counterweights used in traditional male costume. They balance the boxes and pouches suspended from a sash, worn with a kimono...... which has no pockets.

Originally netsuke were a simple adaptation of herbal roots and considered curative amulets. Later, carvers refined them until they became beautiful objects.

Netsuke are carved from a variety of materials including wood and elephant ivory. This has now been replaced by other products such as mammoth ivory but Boxwood continues to be popular with contemporary carvers.
Most of my carvings are based on the natural world and I try to impart life and movement into each tiny piece. They take many hours to complete, entirely by hand, and each is individual and unique. I won the Bidder and Bourne award in 2004.