Carole Flanders VPRMS SLM HS

Carole lives in Bexley, Kent with her family.
She has always painted, but 12 years ago she discovered painting in miniature, she hasn't looked back since.

Carole has exhibited paintings in Tasmania and Russia iwht the Limners Society, with whom she is a member. She has also won several awards.
2009 Founders award for excellence
2011 Runner up Shiela Traill-Steveson award
2012 Highly commended award
2017 Shiela Traill-Steveson award

Carole is also a member of the Hilliard Society and in 2013 she was made a full member of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers.

Carole Paints different subjects from gardens and landscapes in watercoolour and acrylic, but at present is enjoying the subject of birds and cats.