RMS Members Centre Stage

See how our members produce intricate artistic pieces. We go behind the scenes and put our members 'centre stage' for an in depth look at their artistic practices. These will include tips on techniques, an exploration of studio set up/equipment and specific project work. 
Paul Eaton VPRMS

Paul Eaton VPRMS - Techniques in casting wax

Paul shows us how he sculpts a Greyhound in casting wax. This is the blue print to become a bronze, in a time lapse video...
Claire Russell RMS

Claire Russell RMS - Technique in Verre Eglomise

Claire talks us through the history and artistic application of gold leaf, referred to as Verre Eglomise in an indepth article and demonstration video.

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Jenny Musker

Jenny Musker RMS - Step by Step 

Jenny has produced a still step by step for her miniature watercolour 'Sitting on the Salix'
Dorian Radu RMS

Dorian Radu RMS - Painting a Portrait Miniature in oil

Newly elected full member of the RMS Dorian demonstrates how he paints a miniature in a time lapse video.

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Helen White Hon RMS

Helen White RMS - Behind the scenes

We take a tantalising look in to the world of pigments and shell gold.