Peter Hayton RMS HS SLm

I have enjoyed drawing in pencil and pen & ink, and painting watercolours since my childhood. Many of my pictures can be found in places as far away as Canada, Norway, Holland and Australia. The inspiration and encouragement for painting in miniature has come from my mother who painted for The RMS and HS until she retired at 92.

I live in the Dorset coastal town of Poole and my love of the sea, through diving, sailing and power boating, have inspired a lot of my paintings. The scenes I paint are mostly based around the Dorset Coast.
Sunsets and Sunrises are one of my passions and I often sit on our boat in Poole Harbour, or off the coast, waiting for the moment to snap them up in all their glory.

Although I mainly paint marine pictures I have been commissioned to paint such diverse things as aircraft, motor vehicles, pets, buildings and military works.