Lesley A Newman RMS HS Dipl. SBA

lazy days
Lazy Days
just a note
Just a note to say
coffe pot and lemons
Coffee Pot and Lemons
cat on the windowsil
Cat on the Windowsil

Lesley has lived in Cumbria for the last 40 years,  working  professionally as an artist for the last 20 years.  She received a diploma from the  Society of Botanical Artists  in 2007; In 2008 she won the Artist & Illustrator Magazine competition in the Flower & Garden Category;  Awarded  Membership of  the Hilliard Society in 2008;  received  ‘The President’s Choice’ award  in 2009;  Represented in the ‘Sue Lee Collection’;   Awarded  Full Membership of the Royal Miniature Society in 2013.  Two of her portraits are included in the Granville Collection.  In 2019 she reached the final in the ‘Artist & Illustrator’ Magazine Artist of the Year competition.

Lesley exhibited at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery and annually  at the RMS and  Lake Artists Society Exhibitions.

Lesley has two designs,  ‘Agapanthus’ and ‘Hydrangeas’  painted for  Kirkham Pottery;  and Moon and Earth Globes for the De Fossards ‘Solar Clock’ exhibited in London’s Science Museum.