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Royalty in Miniature 

Celebrating its quasquicentennial anniversary this year,
RAY WINDER, President of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters,
Sculptors and Gravers, previews the society’s forthcoming
exhibition and its long connection with royalty.
In Majesty Magazine out now!


Ray Winder PRMS 

Discusses his miniature carvings and the 
Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers
In August issue of Woodcarving Magazine...


Congratulations Ray Winder PRMS 

Whose work 'Passage through time' has bee awarded 1st place for sculpture at the Miniature Art Society of Florida exhibition.
Opens January 16th - February 6th 2022.

Congratulations Dominic Fonde ARMS 

Whose work has been included in the Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass 2022 exhibition
Veste Coburg and in the
European Museum for Modern Glass in Rödental.
April 10th to September 25th 2022

Congratulations Bill Mundy RMS 

Chief Runsewe
Whose work, ‘Chief Runsewe' a large mosaic style watercolour, has been accepted for exhibition in the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition

Opens 22nd September 2021.
Chief Runsewe
Bills work, The Illuminated Manuscript - has also been awarded ‘Best in Show’ in the forthcoming MASF exhibition in the USA.



I am delighted to be able to finally let our members know that after careful consideration the Council of the Royal Miniature Society has decided our 125th Anniversary Exhibition will be going ahead at the Mall Gallery at the end of November.

This last year has been a difficult one for many and I would like to thank everyone for their patience and loyalty. The immediate future in the country still remains a little uncertain but I am confident that if we continue to look
forward and remain positive then we can make our Anniversary Exhibition a great success.

You will notice the RMS website has been further modernised, even greater social media presence and advertising is planned. An easier online artwork submission process is currently nearing completion for Non Members, which will avoid the delivery of artwork to London for the initial selection process.

There are many prestigious prizes on offer, with the introduction of the Innovation Award. We welcome Non members to submit their work to be exhibited alongside RMS members.

Meanwhile do look out for further announcements.

Ray Winder PRMS

After 125 years is it time for some changes at The Royal Miniature Society?  

(Young Artist) Rachel McKean - Iona Abbey Interior I (acrylic on Iona beach shell)

With its quasquicentennial anniversary approaching in 2021 ( that’s 125 years ) one of our most traditional of art societies the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers is keen to show they are definitely not stuck in the past with a new updated website and social media coverage and the introduction of online submissions for the first time next year.  

With this new progressive outlook, they also want to encourage new artists both young and not so young to submit work for their annual exhibition.  

2019 saw the introduction of a new 18-30 Young Artists Award, this year an Award for Innovation has been added. It is hoped that alongside the more conventional portraits, landscapes, still life and wildlife paintings executed in the most exquisite detail by some of the finest exponents of miniature art working today, work with fresh or unusual subject matter or with a more contemporary feel will be entered.  

Artists will still need to display a high degree of technical excellence in execution to be accepted but in the words of the distinguished art dealer and television presenter Philip Mould “This is definitely a time for pushing the boundaries in finding new ways to invigorate this time-honoured genre. Where possible be different, challenging, subversive and enjoy sailing close to the wind”.  

The annual exhibition has a wide range of awards and cash prizes available and is open to everyone including non-members. Details are available on the website  Entry to view the exhibition is free at the Mall Galleries and magnifying glasses are conveniently available to examine the minute detail. With most of the paintings and sculptures for sale and prices starting at a very reasonable £190 miniature art can not only be affordable but also very easy to display for the collector due to its small scale. 

If you would like further information on the Royal Miniature Society please contact the Executive Secretary on 

Iain Gardiner - Refection in a Regent Street Window II (oil on canvas)
Iain Gardiner - Refection in a Regent Street Window II (oil on canvas)
Ray Winder - Still Life in the Ocean (carved boxwood on American walnut)
Ray Winder - Still Life in the Ocean (carved boxwood on American walnut) 

Claire Anscomb - Slideshow (graphite on paper)
(Young Artist) Claire Anscomb - Slideshow (graphite on paper) 
Philip Mould OBE
Our special guest Philip Mould OBE speaking about the importance of Miniature art in a modern age, at the Private View.

Pictured: Philip Mould OBE, Elizabeth Meek MBE, John Deston HRMS, Marian Tumelty VPRMS & Visitors to our exhibition.
Claire Hucker webmaster
Congratulations to Claire Hucker  Webmaster who was awarded the Anita Emmerich Presentation award 2020, for the meticulous work she put into the online exhibition during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Pictured: Engraved Gilt Magnifying glass
Lennox Cato DL
Congratulations to one of our special guests, Lennox Cato DL who has had the recent honor of becoming Deputy Lieutenant of Kent.

Pictured: Lennox Cato DL enjoying a miniature portrait of himself painted by Bill Mundy RMS

Call for archive material

Like many venerable art societies, the RMS was proud of its historical archives; however, during World War II their London headquarters were bombed resulting in the loss of these records.

For some years the organisation has been trying to gather together a complete run of the Society's annual exhibition catalogues but we still need the following years: 1914-1920, 1922-1924, 1927, 1940-1943, 1945, 1948 and 1950.

The Society would be delighted to hear from anybody who has copies of these missing catalogues - even photocopies would be adequate for archive purposes.

If anybody can help please contact the RMS Archivist, Anthony Lester -

Call for your news, exhibitions and events

If you are a member please let us know about your shows, events & exhibitions, we would love to hear from you!

Please include a few pictures and a short written piece about your event.

Thank you!