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The Arturi Phillips Collection.

The Arturi Phillips Collection.
A Catalogue of Portrait Miniatures by Roger and Carmela Arturi Phillips.

Featuring over 130 of the most well known miniature painters, mainly British and some Continental, dating from 1588-2004, the authors share their collecting experiences and discuss in detail their photography and storage solutions. Every artist is given a full page colour enlargement showing the brushstokes and signature with discussion on their technique.

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Dictionary of Miniature Painters 1870-1970.

Dictionary of Miniature Painters 1870-1970.

The Dictionary by Arturi Phillips aims to be the perfect resource for the collector or enthusiast of later miniatures.

The result of thousands of hours' work, it lists over 2300 mainly British artists working during this period, and contains lots of details and stories about them, nearly all of it previously unpublished. Examples of the work of many of the top name artists are shown in colour, many of them full page, and there are close up images of some startling examples of photo miniatures. There is an appendix of signatures and monograms. 

Limited Edition. £65.00 - To order a copy of please click here

Painting Miniatures by Pauline Denyer Baker Des RCA, RMS, MAA, MASF, SLm, HS

Painting Miniatures by Pauline Denyer Baker

Miniatures are not simply small paintings: special techniques are used to achieve their unique glow and luminosity. This book explains how to paint in detail in a small format with colour and precision. Drawing on her extensive experience, Pauline Denyer-Baker shares her passion for painting miniatures, and inspires both beginners and more experienced artists to master and enjoy this historic art form.
An introduction to the history and traditions of miniatures set by Holbein, Hilliard and Oliver. The importance of drawing and sketchbooks. Advice on materials, paints, bases and framing. Step-by-step demonstrations of stippling and hatching, watercolour and oil painting, and colour mixing.
Focus on portraits, still life and silhouettes. Work from leading artists with a range of styles and subjects.

£16.99 - ISBN:9781847978400  -  To order a copy 'Painting Miniatures' or for further information please click here

Reptile to Reef, Ceramic Sculpture by Jill Moger PVPRMS SWA SWLA

Painting Miniatures by Pauline Denyer Baker

Could this be the very first book on the subject of reptile sculpture? Certainly it is the first such book to be published by the Langford Press. Jill Moger's book is not exclusively about her renowned ceramic sculptures of reptiles however as the title "Reptile to Reef " suggests. Her work depicting coral reefs is included in the book as are her sculptures of insects created using ceramic and wire. The book begins with a foreword by the fine art journalist, writer and broadcaster, Anthony J Lester FRSA, in which he describes Jill as a 21st century master of her craft. Following this, "Beginnings" is a short autobiography which gives the reader an insight into Jill's early fascination with wildlife, the burgeoning of creative interest and the discovery of an innate talent from childhood.
The subjects of her sculptures are divided into chapters containing similar species with an overview and a description and one or more photographic illustrations of each. There is a glossary of terms at the end of the book to help the reader with unfamiliar reptilian terminology.
This lavishly illustrated book finishes with a section describing in words and pictures, the entire process of modeling, glazing and firing a ceramic sculpture.
£38.00 - ISBN 978-1-904078-64-7  -  To order a copy of 'Reptile to Reef' or for further information please click here

Vitreous enamel painting by Gillie Hoyte Byrom Hon RMS

Vitreous enamel painting by Gillie Hoyte Byrom

Vitreous enamel painting has been neglected over the years. Now for the first time there is a book on the subject. Gillie Hoyte Byrom who has over 35 years experience, has written her treatise - "The Practice of Painting in Enamel." She fully describes all the methods she was taught when she trained in Barcelona in 1990, besides giving comprehensive instruction in enamel painting techniques she has developed in creating miniatures to commission.
Gillie is interested in teaching from her studio and has also designed a distance learning course to teach enamel painting from beginner through intermediate to advanced level through ten exercises. In addition she has produced a set of video masterclasses at three levels of competence. 
All are available electronically as this is the most economic way to show as many illustrations as possible and an easy way to reach people worldwide.

Please visit: www.enamelpainting.co.uk for further information.