Bill Mundy

Elected ARMS: 1977

Elected RMS: 1979


Bill Mundy is one of the world’s leading miniature portrait painters. Twice he has been awarded the ‘Exhibit of the Year’ prize at The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in London for his larger paintings. (His first miniature portrait exhibited at the RA Summer Exhibition was of HRH The Sultan of Johore).
His sitters have ranged from Royalty and small children to famous personalities in the world of entertainment. His works are represented in Royal, Public and Private collections throughout the world.
Born in 1936 in Berkshire, Bill painted his first miniature portrait before his fifth birthday. After a five year apprenticeship as a lithographic artist designing biscuit tins for Huntley and Palmers, he spent his military service in the Far East as a cartographer during the Malayan Emergency. He lived in Asia for 20 years where his career progressed from Creative Director to the position of Area Director for Asia with a large International US Advertising Agency.
Whilst in Asia he became ‘The Court Painter’ to the Johore Royal family in Malaysia. He was also commissioned to paint a miniature of King Bhumipol Aduladej in Thailand, and presented two miniatures of his daughter Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn at the Chitralada Palace in Bangkok.
In 1978 he returned to England to become a full time artist and portrait painter, and in 1999 was commissioned to paint an equestrian miniature for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II which he presented to her when she came to Henley-on-Thames. He has painted three portraits of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, including a miniature and a large portrait to celebrate his 90th birthday which he presented to him in Windsor.
Bill Mundy has won all the major awards in the world for miniature portrait painting and regularly travels overseas to fulfil his many portrait commissions. His large watercolours, and some of his oil portraits, are painted in a pointillist style, while his miniatures adopt the traditional style of the old master miniaturists.
He is the only living miniaturist to be represented at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Bill lives and paints in his riverside studio at Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire.

The V&A, London.

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