Lana Arkhi

Elected ARMS: 2017

Elected RMS: 2023


Lana Arkhi, RMS is a Russian-born British painter of delicate shapes, with a unique vision and tone. Her depictions of figures and shapes reveal new sides of ordinary objects, and her paintings make a vivid impression. The interplay of light and dark in Lana’s works is remarkable, and great attention is given to volume and form.
In 1987, Lana graduated from Art College, where she specialised in painting large murals.

In 1989, she started working, and specialised in ceramic art. She then graduated from the Moscow University of Lenin in 1991, where she had been studying both Arts and Crafts. Finding ceramic work the best way to exhibit her talent, in 2000, Lana created her first big porcelain collections, called “The City” and “The Family”, which later received several accolades in London.

In 2015 Lana opened her own Kent Talents Art Studio & Gallery in Broadstairs; this enabled her to devote her time and skills to being a full time artist and art tutor. Many of her works have been sold to private collections across the world, including the UK, Russia, Australia, the USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Israel, France, Italy, Germany, Singapore, South Africa, Austria and Ireland.

In 2023, Lana was elected as a full Member of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers, receiving an award for the Most Outstanding Sculptors’ & Gravers’ work at the RMS Exhibition 2017; she then went on to receive the People’s Choice Award in 2018.
Major exhibition history:

1990 Chicago, Art Gallery
1998 Moscow, The Old English house
2004 Moscow, The State Pushkin’s Museum
2005 Moscow, State Historical Museum
2007 Moscow, The State Museum “Arkhangelskoe”
2008 Moscow, Saint Basil’s Cathedral
2014 Moscow, The Old Arbat Gallery
2015 – 2019 London, The Mall Galleries. Royal Miniature Society
2019 – 2023 Broadstairs, Kent Talents Art Gallery
2021 London, The Mall Galleries. Royal Miniature Society
2023 London, Bankside Gallery
2023 Broadstairs, The Royal Albion Hotel

Kent Talents Art Gallery
5 Albion St. Broadstairs, Kent
CT10 1LU