Wendy Sabine

Elected ARMS: 2019


I was born in Walsall in the West Midlands but moved to Scotland with my family in my early teens so consider myself Scottish even though I now live in the southeast of England, Kent to be exact,
I have always painted small and in around 1996 joined the Limners Society, now sadly no longer in existence.
I progressed from there to exhibit with the Hilliard Society and The Royal Society of Miniaturists.
Some years ago I was introduced to painting on silver and agate jewellery and really enjoyed this, the medium was gouache finished with resin and my favourite subject was birds.
Sadly the lovely lady who made the pieces for me to paint on passed away around 2 years ago, so now, still with agate in mind, I hunt out unloved antique agate brooches and give them a new life. Some of the agate used in these pieces is lovely and many of the Victorian brooch makers used Scottish agate which I love.

Hilliard Society
“Ethel loves me” ( a lovely shop in Rye, East Sussex)

Hilliard Society