Enquirer Article: 2023 Annual Exhibition

By Anthony J Lester FRSA

For those who admire high detail, the Annual Exhibition of The Royal Miniature 
Society (RMS), is always an endearing occasion. Taking place from 28th June to 
8th July at the Bankside Gallery (next to Tate Modern), Thames Riverside, 48 Hopton Street, SE1 9JH, it is the world’s foremost showcase for Contemporary Miniature Art. 

With a maximum size of 6 x 4 inches (15.24 x 10.16 cm), the painting of Miniatures demands self-discipline, for where large pictures give some latitude in composition, Miniatures are unforgiving of the least mistake; a tolerance of even a millimetre is hardly permitted. Apart from their quality and beauty, they have much appeal because of their size and, with stunning works available from a few hundred pounds, affordability is an enticement too.

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